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The smell of chocolate orange is a sweet and citrusy aroma, with rich chocolate undertones. It is created by the combination of chocolate and orange flavours, which come together to create a delicious and unique fragrance. These granules

can evoke feelings of warmth and comfort, chocolate orange is a delicious and inviting fragrance that can create a cozy and comforting atmosphere.

Chocolate Orange Simmering Granules

  • Simmering Granules are the easy alternative to Wax Melts giving your home an amazing fragrance. Made with Salt & Fragrance Oils these don’t melt unlike Wax so easy to remove and change when needed without the added mess.  Can be used in both T-light burners & Electric burners although the scent may not be as strong if as a t-light burner.

    Just add a couple of teaspoons of simmering granules to your burner and pop a tea light underneath, as the granules heat up the scent fills the room with a wonderful aroma for several hours.

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