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Our Bliss Unstoppables Room and Linen Sprays are similar in style and identity to the well-known fragrance.  These rich granules have a top of orange, raspberry and creamy green. The middle has iris, jasmine, pine, orchid and rose. The bottom has wood, vanilla and musk.

Bliss Unstoppables Inspired Room and Linen Spray

  •  Room and Linen sprays are designed to invigorate the air around you and freshen up linens and other soft fittings between washes. Besides, spraying them on your clothing while ironing leaves an appealing and therapeutic scent on your fabric. Spay towards the centre of the room away from eyes/face. Keep out of reach of children & Pets.  Avoid contact with polished surfaces.  Patch test on a discreet section of fabric before use. Shake well before use

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