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Black cherry Wax Melts have a rich and sweet scent that is reminiscent of ripe, juicy cherries. It also has notes of almond, vanilla, or cinnamon, which add warmth and depth to the Wax Melts. The overall scent is fruity, slightly tart, and luscious. These Wax Melts may evoke images of summertime fruit stands or cherry orchards in bloom. It can also have a comforting and familiar quality, like the aroma of a freshly baked cherry pie. Overall, the scent of black cherry Wax Melts is often associated with sweetness and indulgence. A sumptuous blend of fruity cherry, bitter almond, orris, hawthorn, orchid and base notes of cinnamon and sweet vanilla.

Black Cherry Simmering Granules

  • Simmering Granules are the easy alternative to Wax Melts giving your home an amazing fragrance. Made with Salt & Fragrance Oils these don’t melt unlike Wax so easy to remove and change when needed without the added mess.  Can be used in both T-light burners & Electric burners although the scent may not be as strong if as a t-light burner.

    Just add a couple of teaspoons of simmering granules to your burner and pop a tea light underneath, as the granules heat up the scent fills the room with a wonderful aroma for several hours.

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